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Are you looking for top institutions to earn your nursing degree from? Why limit your search to a particular country when you can explore options globally?

Throughout the world, there are various institutions that offer nursing degrees to the students, both affiliate and baccalaureate. Not only do they excel in their academics, put also offer top-class professional trainings to the students.

So, I have a question for you… would you be interested in learning about the best nursing schools that you can apply to? If so, then stick to this article till the end to get a compiled list of the top 15 nursing schools in the world.

Top 15 Nursing Schools in the World

The top 15 nursing schools listed below are all situated in different countries, and have different fee structures. But they have one thing in common; all these institutes offer top-tier education and clinical training that can lay you the stepping stones to excel in your career as a nurse.

1# University of Pennsylvania Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United States of America
Acceptance rate: 9%
Rejection rate: 91%

The University of Pennsylvania is recognized as the best nursing school in the world. It has been as #1 among all the institutes offering nursing education by the QS World University Rankings.

Admissions at Penn are exceedingly tough, with a 9 percent acceptance rate for first-year students.  A Registered Nurse graduated from Penn is employed on an average annual income of $72,200 after passing only 96% of their courses.

2# Kings College London Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United Kingdom
Acceptance rate: 13%
Rejection rate: 87%

Ranked second in the world for providing top-class nursing education on both our list and the list maintained by the QS World University Rankings 2022 is the Kings College London.

The institute’s Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing, Midwifery and Palliative Care is equipped with the latest equipment for research and development. The staff and students constantly work at finding innovative ways of providing healthcare to the people. The institute has per-registration courses for students to explore their field of interest in the healthcare industry, as well as post qualification and continuing professional development courses to develop their expertise in their career.

Furthermore, the institute has a high employ-ability rate. 84% of Kings College graduate nurses are employed within the first six months of their graduation.

3# Johns Hopkins University Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United States of America
Acceptance rate: 11.1%
Rejection rate: 88.9%

Next up on our list of the top 15 nursing schools in the world is the Johns Hopkins University. Being one of the oldest established institutes for nursing in Maryland, the Johns Hopkins University offers per-license and master’s degrees in nursing.

Around 55% of the Johns Hopkins graduate nurses are employed full time immediately after their graduation. The average starting salary of Johns Hopkins University graduate nurses is $68,000.

4# University of Washington Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United States of America
Acceptance rate: 55.9%
Rejection rate:  44.1%

The University of Washington has been consistently recognized as a top institution for nursing since 1984. The institute offers one bachelor’s, two masters and two doctoral programs in nursing.

The University of Washington currently has a graduation rate of 84.4%. From the batch of 2023, 119 students graduated with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Washington.

5# University of Manchester Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United Kingdom
Acceptance rate: 56%
Rejection rate: 44%

Offering students with a less-competitive institute to apply to, the University of Manchester ranks fifth in the world for qualifying nursing applicants. A nursing or midwifery degree from Manchester will provide you a strong foundation of a lucrative career in the healthcare field.

The University of Manchester is an excellent institute to begin your training for a job that will be rewarding for the rest of your life. As a Manchester graduate, you will find a number of specialty hospitals and exceptional placement options that will help you to build your skills and employ-ability.

6# University of California, San Francisco, Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United States of America
Acceptance rate: 17.5%
Rejection rate: 82.5%

The University of California, San Francisco, School of Nursing is recognized as a premier institute for nursing education in the United States.

The institute includes both theoretical and practical courses in its curriculum, preparing students for their professional careers as registered nurses. It also offers Master’s and Doctoral degree programs in nursing and healthcare administration.

7# Yale University Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United States of America
Acceptance rate: 6.5%
Rejection rate: 93.5%

You must have heard that Yale University offers the best Political Sciences, Computer Sciences, Psychology and Molecular Biology degrees. Well, its time to make an addition to the list – Yale University is one of the top universities of the world offering nursing degrees to students.

Being an Ivy League institute, Yale is extremely hard to get into. But the students who make it into the classrooms get ample opportunities to strengthen their practical skills and assessment strategies. Furthermore, the nursing students at Yale University get access to real-world equipment in a safe and controlled learning environment.

8# University of North Carolina, Chapel Hills, Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United States of America
Acceptance rate: 25%
Rejection rate: 75%

Next up on our list of the 15 best nursing schools in the world, we have the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hills. The UNC offers top-tier nursing education to the students.

Utilizing contemporary and innovative teaching approaches, the expert faculty at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hills makes every effort to produce only the best talent in the healthcare industry.

The institute offers nursing majors in Elderly care, Maternal, Child and Family Health, Mental and Behavioral Health and Acute Care and Severe Illness. Furthermore, he institute provides numerous opportunities for student research as well as a strong commitment to inter-professional education in its curriculum.

9# University of Southampton Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United Kingdom
Acceptance rate: 84%
Rejection rate: 16%

The University of Southampton maintains a world-class department to provide aspiring nurses, physiotherapists, midwives, podiatrists and occupational therapists with unsurpassed knowledge of the industry.

Not only does the institute equips the aspirant healthcare professionals to gain a lead over others through extensive academic and clinical knowledge, but also assists its graduates in their continual professional development by offering various course programs.

10# Duke University Nursing Scholarships

Country: The United States of America
Acceptance rate: 7.7%
Rejection rate: 92.3%

Ranked the third best nursing school in America by the US News and World Report and tenth in the world by the QS World University Rankings, the Duke University offers top-tier education to its students.

This mid-sized, elite private university in Durham excels in research and development on community healthcare. Furthermore, it offers its students unsurpassed clinical exposure and ample opportunities to emerge as leaders in the field of nursing.

11# University of Technology, Sydney Nursing Scholarships

Country: Australia
Acceptance rate: 19%
Rejection rate: 81%

It might sound absurd, but the University of Technology Sydney is famous across the world for its nursing education, along with its Computer Science and Business Administration majors.

The institute’s School of Nursing and Midwifery aims at motivating its students to become passionate, compassionate, curious and capable of improving the health and well-being of individuals.

Furthermore, research and innovation at the UTS never stops! The staff and students constantly study various healthcare challenges and find strategic solutions that benefit individuals and the community as a whole.

12# University of Toronto Nursing Scholarships

Country: Canada
Acceptance rate: 43%
Rejection rate:  57%

The University of Toronto’s Lawrence S. Bloomberg Faculty of Nursing prepares students to face the mind-draining challenges as a professional nurse.

The staff at the University of Toronto equips their students with the knowledge, skills and professionals values that they require to excel as clinical leaders and innovative researchers. Their involvement of latest technological equipment in curriculum’s makes the education more valuable and dynamic than that offered by other institutes.

13# University of Sydney Nursing Scholarships

Country: Australia
Acceptance rate: 30%
Rejection rate: 70%

The University of Sydney Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery prepares the students to meet the challenging needs of the healthcare sector by equipping them with expert nursing knowledge and critical thinking skills.

The University of Sydney offers its students a chance to gain practical, hand on experience by engaging in clinical rotations. Furthermore, the institute offers twelve scholarships to its nursing students so that those aspiring students who can’t afford their education can emerge as industry experts by completing their degrees.

14# University of Alberta Nursing Scholarships

Country: Canada
Acceptance rate: 58%
Rejection rate: 42%

The University of Alberta has the third best nursing program in the whole of Canada. Combining research an innovative techniques with extensive industry knowledge, the University of Alberta produces the best nurses in the country.

Furthermore, the staff enriches the reputation of the institute by using a range of methodologies to enable the students to creatively deal with healthcare problems and complexities.

15# McMaster University Nursing Scholarships

Country: Canada
Acceptance rate: 58.7%
Rejection rate: 41.3%

Internationally recognized for its use of innovative techniques in teaching mechanisms, the McMaster University has gained stellar repute for its nursing education.

The institute delivers high quality education to students with flexible learning options so that the students can pursue their nursing careers even at home. This blend of face-to-face and e-learning techniques keeps the students engaged and inspired to advance in their careers as clinical leaders.

This brings the end of our list of the top 15 nursing schools in the world. So, which of these nursing schools are you applying to?

Dr. Rana

Dr. Yousaf earned his doctorate degree in engineering by winning 3 fully-funded scholarships and specialized in academic counseling. He is renowned scholar and academic mentor to students interested in studying abroad. We are happy to have him here because his writings on this site will definitely be very helpful to the students.

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