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Deadline September 30, 2022
Opening date July 22, 2022
Days Remaining Closed
Category Scholarships in Ontario
Type Fully Sponsorship
Location Ontario, Canada

The fully-funded Canada scholarships at the University of Waterloo for the class of 2023 are currently open for online admission applications for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. The Ontario scholarships 2023 are also being offered at University of Waterloo.

The University of Waterloo is a public research university based in Ontario, Canada. The foundation of its main campus lies on a land of 404 hectares making it a considerably large institute. The University of Waterloo offers admissions in undergraduate and graduate programs. It is based on modern requirements and has introduced practical-study and research-based learning at its core.

A variety of University of Waterloo scholarship programs are provided by the admissions department. These scholarship programs are primarily introduced to help students in financial hardships. The Canadian scholarships are merit-based and need-based. The programs have been a source of joy for many international applicants enabling them to think beyond financial boundaries.

About the University of Waterloo Campus

The University of Waterloo covers every base with regards to modern learning standards. It consists of 30 senate-approved research centers and institutes. This number also emphasizes their commitment towards introducing and encouraging research in their curriculum. It is one of the greenest institutes in Canada with gardens and trees spread out around the campus.

In addition to that the University of Waterloo has state-of-the-art teaching facilities, media labs and a wonderful cuisine range. It is one of the most complete campuses in terms of all resources that you’re going to find in Canada.

Admissions Application Fee of University of Waterloo: US$125

The University of Waterloo has an online application portal for admissions which is to be filled up with the relevant details and scholarship application documents. An application fee for submitting the admissions and scholarship application is set at US$125 by the university of Waterloo; which is non-refundable.

Admission Acceptance Rate of University of Waterloo is 53%

The University of Waterloo ranks in the top 175 universities in the world according to the QS World University Rankings 2021. The Waterloo University has an acceptance rate of 53% which means 53 applicants out of 100 are selected for admission. This indicates that it isn’t really tough to get admitted nor it is a piece of cake. So if you have your sights on the university, do not ease off.

IELTS Exemption at University of Waterloo

You can submit any of the English Language Proficiency certificate allowed by the University of Waterloo. So, technically, IELTS is not mandatory requirement to apply for a scholarship or admission at University of Waterloo.

The University of Waterloo’s medium of instruction is English language. To ensure that the standard is maintained they require English Language Proficiency Test Results from applicants to asses their English standards.

It is largely misinterpreted that IELTS is the only Proficiency Test that is recognized by universities. The University of Waterloo also accepts TOEFL, CAEL, Cambridge English Test, Duolingo English Test among many others. The minimum scores for all the tests are mentioned in a table on their website so you can refer to that to see if you’re eligible.

However, IELTS exemptions are provided to students who have completed the 4 recent years of academics in the English language in Canada or any other country and their first language is English. In addition to that students having French as the first language who have studied in Canada for 4 years are provided exemption.

For proving yourself for eligibility in exemption you must submit the following documents before the deadline:

  • Official transcripts proving that your language of instruction has been English
  • A letter from your school that verifies that your courses have been taught in English

It is often inquired if you’re meeting the academic requirements and fall below par on the English language, what will be the course of action? In such cases you’re offered an opportunity to submit a new English Test Score under the Bridge to Academic Success (BASE) program.

Financial Plan for Winners of University of Waterloo Scholarships

If you manage to win a University of Waterloo Scholarship then any or all of the below-listed perks will be provided to you:

  • No-cost education (degree/non-degree programs supported)
  • Money disbursement on monthly basis for living expenditures
  • Funding for literature purchase and conducting experiments
  • Funding for participation in academic conferences
  • Funding allocation for logistics (airfare and bus transfers)
  • Health insurance for student plan
  • Residential facility with bills covered.

Fully-funded Scholarships of University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo offers a variety of scholarships and bursaries. These are offered for undergraduate and graduate programs. There are different types of scholarships from entrance, merit to scholarships in different study areas.

1# University of Waterloo President’s Scholarships

This is an entrance scholarship aimed at appreciating students of wonderful academic capabilities. The scholarship does not require a separate application and the students are automatically considered for the program. To be eligible you must be starting out the first year of your undergraduate program in September. It has three tiers as listed below:

  • Students with an admission average between 85-89.9% are awarded a $1,000 merit scholarship.
  • Students with an admission average between 90-94.5% are awarded the President’s Scholarship valued at $2,000.
  • Students with an admission average of 95% or higher are given $2,000. This is named as the President’s Scholarship of Distinction. In addition to that a $1500 Research Award or International Experience Award is given.

2# International Student Entrance Scholarships

It is a specified scholarship for a set of study-areas. Students who wish to enroll themselves in an undergraduate program for Mathematics, Computer Science and Accounting and Financial Management are considered for the program. It is valued at $10,000. To be eligible you must have an admission average in excess of 90%.

To make decisions regarding giving out scholarships the following Contests or Assignments might be considered:

  • Euclid Mathematics Contest (for Mathematics and Computer Sciences)
  • Canadian Senior Mathematics Contests (for Mathematics and Computer Sciences)
  • Accounting and Financial Management Admissions Assignment

How To Apply?

To host applications an Admission Information Form (AIF) has been designed. To access it you must make an account on Quest, which is the university’s student information platform. The form is aimed at acquiring more knowledge about the student and their extracurricular activities to help the committee in their decision-making.

3# Deer Ridge Entrance award

It is an entrance award which values up to $3,500. It is only available for students who have lived in Waterloo for 10 years and studied there. The students must have an admission average in excess of 80%. Preference is given to students who demonstrate financial need. It is funded by the Deer Ridge Charitable Foundation. The deadline for the award is April 15 so don’t forget to get your applications in.

4# Serbian Education Fund Entrance Award

This award is primarily given to students who demonstrate financial need and contribute to the Serbian culture. The applications won’t be accepted after April 15. It values up to $1,000.

5# Hong Kong Alumni Association Entrance Award

Two awards of the kind are floored out to excellent students from Hong Kong having exceptional academic capabilities. They’re enabled to undertake an undergraduate program at the University of Waterloo. It is valued at $2,000. The application deadline is April 15.

6# China Hong Kong Entrance Scholarships

Funded by Alumni and associated people with the University of Waterloo residing in Canada and Hong Kong, it is valued at $2,000. Two scholarships are available for students residing in Hong Kong or China. The application deadline is April 15.

7# Blackberry Scholars Entrance Award

It is an initiative for indigenous students who aim to study at the University of Waterloo. It is valued at $20,000 which is spread over 8 terms. $2,500 is floored out each term. To be eligible you must have an admission average in excess of 80%. For the maintenance of the scholarship your academic average must be in excess of 70% after the 1st year.

8# Schulich Leaders Scholarships

A total of 100 scholarships are given out each year. Half of the scholarships are valued at $100,000 for engineering and the other half are valued at $80,000 for Mathematics and Sciences. It is a STEM-based program for Canadian Residents only. Along with leadership, academic capabilities, the financial parameters are also kept in perspective before coming to a decision. The deadline for the application is 26th June, 2022.

9# Faculty of Arts Scholarships

There are 3 scholarship programs initiated under this study area. No application is required for these programs. The 3 programs are as follows:

  • 4 scholarships are awarded over eight terms that are valued at $10,000.
  • One scholarship is awarded to students applying for the Honor Arts and Business program. It is valued at $5,000 over eight terms.
  • A number of scholarships ranging between $1,000-$3,000 are provided to students pursuing Global Business and Digital Arts.

10# Faculty of Health Scholarships

A number of entrance scholarships are available under this study-area. The two entrance scholarships are as follows:

  • Faculty of Health Entrance Scholarships

These scholarships are available for all health programs. They’re valued at $500 and require no application. However, an admission average between 80-84.9% is required.

  • Other Entrance Programs

These are available for all health programs. Academic excellence and involvement in the community are parameters that drive its decision-making.

11# University of Waterloo Bursaries

A number of other scholarship initiatives have been introduced by the University of Waterloo or by other donors at the University of Waterloo. To know more you can refer to their official website.

The difference between a bursary and scholarship is often questioned?

A bursary is the financial aid provided on the basis of financial shortfalls while scholarships are awarded based on academic performance. The University of Waterloo provides bursaries to local as well as international students. The following is the program for international applicants:

  • International Undergraduate Full-Time Bursary

It is a program valued at a maximum of $6,000 per year. To be eligible you must be in the second year of your program or past that. An attendance in excess of 60% is required. In addition to that the academic performance must be satisfactory. To obtain the bursary the student must be able to prove financial shortcomings and income to expenditure deficits. The deadline for the Spring Term is June 30. The decisions are usually made within 6-8 weeks.

12# Australia Awards Scholarship at University of Waterloo

Australian Government also recruits international students in University of Waterloo each year on its federal Australian Awards Scholarships program. It is worth applying for these fully-funded scholarship at Waterloo.

13# Australian Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarships

The fully-funded Australian Research Training Program (RTP) Scholarship is also offered by the University of Waterloo for scholars and researchers. This RTP Waterloo scholarship is most suitable for doctoral degree applicants.

Documents Required to Apply at the University of Waterloo:

For Undergraduate Programs

  • Transcripts of your current and previous schools are to be uploaded using Quest.
  • The results of the English Language Proficiency Tests are to be sent directly from the Test Center if you don’t have an exemption
  • The Admission Information Form (AIF) is to be thoroughly filled out through Quest. This plays a huge role in your admission review process so make sure to fill it with due diligence

For Graduate Programs:

  • Transcripts of all your post-secondary studies are required. All attempted educational ventures must be declared. Diplomas, certificates and results must be attached. These are all evaluated in the admission review process
  • References: Your referees receive an online reference form by the University of Waterloo which need to be filled out by them
  • The Supplementary Information Form (SIF) is designed to acquire additional information about you. It has a maximum word count of 500 words.
  • A resume is to be uploaded
  • A letter is to be uploaded to determine your dedication towards the institution
  • A writing sample must be submitted which is important to determine your practical capabilities
  • Submit the test score for an English Proficiency Test if you aren’t awarded an exemption
  • Refer to your program and check out if it requires GRE or GMAT results for the admission review process
  • You must indicate your immigration status

Steps to Apply for Admission at University of Waterloo:

If you wish to submit your admissions or scholarships application at the University of Waterloo; you will have to do it through the Ontario Universities Application Center (OUAC). The Ontario High School Student will have to submit the OUAC 101 Application form.

Whereas, the international students interested to study at University of Waterloo are requested to submit online application for Australia Awards Scholarships with admissions application.

Whereas, all other students intending for full-time programs will have to submit OUAC 105 Application forms. The deadline for the application is process is February 1 for most courses. It is possible to apply for more than 1 program and you can apply to a maximum of 3 programs.

University of Waterloo Scholarships Application Deadline:

If you are interested to apply for admission at University of Waterloo then you can apply during fall and spring academic sessions. The last date to submit an online application for the Waterloo University of Ontario is September 30, 2022.

If you want to apply at the University of Waterloo, hurry up and get your documents ready. To explore the scholarship opportunities head over to their official website and find yourself the funding you’re looking for.

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