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University of Toronto (UOT) Scholarships 2023: Admission Applications Open

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Opening date July 3, 2022
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Type Fully Sponsorship
Location Ontario, Canada

Apply for admissions on the fully-funded Canadain Scholarships at University of Toronto (UOT) under various degree subjects for the class of 2023. This if one of the great chances to win a Canadian Scholarship.

Reasons to Study at University of Toronto:

Founded in 1827 the University of Toronto has a rich and profound history. Surrounding the Queen’s Park it was first named King’s College. Over the decades there have been millions or even more students who have undertaken their educational ventures at this particular institute. It has been a hub of learning and education in Canada with it being one of the oldest institutes in the country.

University of Toronto has produced three Noble Prize winners further emphasizing on its quality.

The challenge for many historic institutes has been the direction of their evolution and their place in the modern times. The University of Toronto has evolved significantly in regards to modern times with state-of-the-art facilities. Not only does it ensure top-notch facilities in educational means but it also acknowledges the importance of sporting activities by encouraging student participation. It has beautifully designed labs to some of the best hostels for universities and sports grounds among many other facilities.

Admissions Application Fees of University of Toronto: US$180

A very frequently asked question with regards to university admissions is in regards to the application fees. The University of Toronto charges a non-refundable application fee of $180 for application submission. It is contract with the Ontario Universities Application Center which is an application processing service provider to process their submissions.

But an applicant can also apply for admissions application fees exemption at the University of Toronto under few circumstances.

Admission Acceptance Rate of University of Toronto: 43%

University of Toronto (UoT) has an admissions acceptance rate of 43% which is particularly impressive if you keep in view the comparative acceptance rates of other universities in the country. The University of Toronto sits on the 18th place in the global university rankings while it is the best university in Canada with regards to rankings.

Do you need IELTS to get admission in University of Toronto?

While, IELTS is not a necessary requirement at UOT but it is included in the university list of English Proficiency Tests to give proof of your adequate English skills. The University of Toronto requires proof of your English language skills if you haven’t learnt English as a child. There are certain exemptions present in the process which are provided to:

  • Students completing a course of 4 or more years in a Canadian school
  • Students completing a course of 4 or more years in a country where the dominant language is found to be English
  • Students whose original language is French and have completed a course of 4 or more years at a Canadian school

The application for the exemption is to be provided after the acknowledgement from the university within the given deadline. It is mainly a form which needs to be filled out followed by the university’s own English language test for such applicants.

For other cases English Proficiency Tests like IELTS, TOEFL, CanTest, CAEL among many others can be put forward. The minimum scores for all the test types are mentioned on their official website. You can head over and check out the details.

2022 Scholarships at the University of Toronto (UoT):

There are numerous scholarship programs that have been initiated over the years for international as well as local students. This has been particularly done to support foreigners in terms of finances and also to encourage high-achievers for their academic excellence. Some of the top ongoing scholarship programs include:

#1 University of Toronto Scholars and President’s Scholar of Excellence Awards

Set and named as merit-based awards these are initiatives that do not require a separate application. The applicants are automatically considered for the awards.

#2 Jacqueline Helen Perry Memorial Award

This is an award which is set to be given out to a student in his 4th year. To be eligible the student must have filed for financial need and undergoing financial hardships. In addition to that his/her interest in emergency medicine, rural medicine, behavior and compassion with the patient will be duly noted. Keeping in mind all these circumstances and factors the award will be floored out. It is estimated at $802.

#3 Lester B. Pearson International Student Scholarships

Named after the former Prime Minister of Canada who in turn was the only Noble Peace Prize winner from Canada. He graduated from the University of Toronto. Each year around 37 students are awarded the scholarship. Students who are recommended by their high schools in terms of leadership skills couple with academic brilliance are considered for the scheme.

The program is aimed at the undergraduate level. The Lester B. Pearson scholars will have coverage of tuition, books, incidental fees and residence for the full quota of 4 years.

To apply you must be nominated by your schools guidance chancellor. After you’re nominated and applied to the University of Toronto a scholarship form will be sent to you. The deadline for this Canadian scholarship application is 17th February, 2023. So it is time to get a rush!

#4 University of Toronto International Engineering Scholarships

There is huge focus on engineering with a large amount of scholarship programs initiated under this study area. The International Engineering Scholarship values at $25,000 for 4 years. To be eligible for consideration you must completely fill out all the sections of the form.

#5 In- Course Scholarships

There are 59k scholarship programs which can be accessed by the students beyond the admission process. So if you haven’t got an admission scholarship don’t feel low because you won’t miss out on this opportunity. To find out the scholarship of your choice head over to the official website and open up the Awards Explorer section.

Admission Document Set Required to Apply at University of Toronto:

Full documentation for any secondary or post-secondary studies are required. In addition to that the grades and English Language Proficiency Test results may be required if you don’t have an exemption. Both official and unofficial transcripts may be required.

If any of the documentation is in another language the translation can be submitted. With that a statement of interest, personal statement, research proposal, a study plan, or motivation letter might be required.

Steps to apply for admission in University of Toronto:

There are different applications categorized for differing applicants. For international applicants and Canadian high-school applicants different applications have been designed. Check out the application form for international students and fill it up with all the relevant details.

  1. Search for degree program at UOT Website
  2. Create an applicant account on admissions portal of UOT
  3. Fill in your biodata and basic details
  4. Start admissions application form online
  5. Fill it with required details and attach documents
  6. Also fill in UOT Scholarship form
  7. Review your UOT Scholarship and admissions application
  8. Submit it and wait for final results.

University of Toronto Application Deadline:

The dates for Engineering, Applied Sciences, Architecture, Arts, Music etc. have passed out as they were set on 13th February, 2023 for various programs but for some UOT keep accepting applications throughout the year. And for some programs extensions in application submission deadlines have been provided.

So if you’re looking to get admitted in the University of Toronto hurry up and fill out the forms. Good luck!

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