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List of Canadian Universities With Lowest Acceptance Rates 2022

Canadian universities are highly competitive as they have a strong reputation globally. Canada offers the world’s best education, with more than 70 top-ranking universities.

Other than educational excellence, these universities also excel at extracurricular activities, sports, etc. Students from over 163 countries apply for students’ visas every year. With so many applicants every year for every university, Canadian universities have a highly selective acceptance rate.

Lowest Acceptance Rate Universities in Canada

Following is a list of Canada’s best universities with the lowest acceptance rate.

1# York University Acceptance rate: 27%

YorkU is Canada’s fourth-largest university, situated in Ontario. It accommodates more than 56,000 students. YorkU ranks at 21st position worldwide. It has a highly selective acceptance rate, as only 27 of 100 applicants get selected.

2# Western University Acceptance rate: 31% 

Western University, Ontario WUO is a public research university ranked at 294th global Universities. It falls in the top 5% of the world’s best universities and is well-known for excellent research development. WUO has a highly competitive acceptance rate for students.

3# Queen’s University Acceptance rate: 10.4%

Queen’s is Canada’s one of the oldest universities, founded in 1841. It is a marvelous educational institute, ranking at 201st worldwide and 8th in Canada’s best universities. It is renowned for its innovative teaching style and fine education system, but it is most well-known for its excellence in physics, geoengineering, and cancer and mental health research.

4# University of Ottawa Acceptance rate: 15.3%

The University of Ottawa is the fourth-largest university of Ottawa, with a student strength of over 45,000 students. As big as the university is, the acceptance rate of the University of Ottawa is very choosy. Only a small number of the applicants are accepted into the university.

Yearly applicants: Over 80,000
Accepted applicants: Around 12,500

5# University of Montreal Acceptance Rate:

Acceptance rate for international students: 5.3%
Acceptance rate for Canadian students: 2.9%

The University of Montreal is a French-speaking university, with most courses offered in the French Language. It is situated in Quebec, Canada, and offers over 600 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Its selection system is the most challenging in Canada, with a very strict acceptance rate.

6# University of Toronto Acceptance rate: 43%

The University of Toronto is known to be one of the oldest established universities in Canada. It is also the second-biggest university in Canada, with a student strength of up to 62,000 students. UofT is very welcoming of international students, so most of the applicants are usually nonnative.

Students with a very high previous academic record make it to the university. The university is very selective about the future students, so to get selected, applicants have to make their applications outstanding and extraordinary.

7# McMaster University Acceptance rate: 12%

Yearly applicants: 46,168
Accepted candidates: 5,500.

McMaster University is situated in Ontario and nationally ranks at 6th position in the list of the best Canadian universities and ranks at 144th position in global best universities. Its degree is world-renowned and is a highly competitive university with a choosy acceptance system.

8# McGill University Acceptance Rate:

Acceptance rate for international students: 46%
Acceptance rate of native Canadian or US students: 52%
Yearly applicants: 44,500 above
Accepted applicants: Approximately 17,000

McGill University is situated in Montreal, Quebec, and is one of the most prestigious and distinguished universities of Canada. It has more than 43,000 students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. It has the highest past grade requirements for its applicants and is very selective about the chosen applicants.

9# University of Calgary Acceptance rate: 10-20%

University of Calgary is an outstanding Canadian university recognized worldwide. It ranks in Canada’s top ten best universities, and all the disciples of University of Calgary are well-known for being excellent and credible. The university requires an 80-90% average for admission and a degree from UoC is assured to never leave you unemployed.

10# Trent University Acceptance rate: 33%

Trent University ranks at 49 in national ranking of best Canadian universities. Although it is a small university, it is highly distinguished and reputable university. The university has five campuses but still has a competitive student selection system. Greatly accomplished and talented students are accepted in the university.

11# Carleton University Acceptance rate: 21%

Carleton University is known as the best university of Canada besides University of Toronto. It is very well respected and a degree from CU is world recognized. To get into the university, applicants must have a minimum of 4.02% GPA average, 86 TOEFL score or a 6.5 IELTS score. The university is highly competitive and the education quality is outstanding.

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