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Canadian Universities & Colleges Application Fees in 2023

If you are interested to apply for admissions and scholarships in Canada then the first thing in your application submission would be to figure out; how much application fees would be charged by the Canadian Colleges or Universities to entertain your application.

No wonder Canada is one of the most popular destinations among people for adventure, fun, and family vacation. Similarly, this country has also made its name in the world due to high-quality education and outstanding prestigious universities.

According to the research, most international students prefer to pursue their graduate or post-graduate education here in Canada. All because of their innovative learning techniques, outclass environment, unforgettable experience, visa-free policies, and numerous career opportunities.

Every year around 350,000 overseas students fly to Canada for higher studies and get admission in multiple degree programs for a prosperous future. Canada has ten provinces with collectively 100 universities, offering 15,000 programs or more.

If you have planned to apply to any Canadian University soon, this article is worth reading. Here, we will discuss the admission application fees with the acceptance rate of Canada’s top 10 universities.

Application Fees of Canadian Universities & Colleges:

Following is the updated list of Canadian Colleges and Universities with application fee charges:

1# University of Toronto Application Fees: CAD $180

It is one of the best yet top-ranked universities in Canada, located in Toronto.

Acceptance Rate of University of Toronto is 43%. But, still, getting into this institute is not an easy task. However, good academic performance & powerful application can make it possible.

Admission Application Fee of University of Toronto: CAD $180

  • It is $180, and non-refundable.
  • International students can apply for the fee exemption and pay the domestic fees under a few circumstances.

2# University of British Columbia Application Fees: CAD $168

It ranked as the 46 best university in the world for its Master’s level degree program.

Acceptance Rate of British University o Columbia is 70%.

Admission Application Fee: CAD $168

The application charges of this Research-Oriented British Columbia University are CAD $108 for local and CAD $168.00 for international applicants; non-refundable.

3# University of Alberta Application Fees: up-to CAD $135

Around 40,000 students are currently enrolled at University of Alberta on scholarships and self-finance based.

Acceptance Rate of University of Alberta: 58%. It is a bit competitive to get admission here.

Admission Application Fees:

The application fees for the Undergraduate programs at Canadian Alberta University is;

    • CAD 125 for new applicants.
    • CAD 75 for current students.
    • For the Graduate programs, it is CAD 135.

4# McGill University Application Fees: up-to CAD $287

That university is located in Montreal, a French-speaking region. Whereas the language of instruction here is English.

Acceptance Rate of McGill University is: 46%.

Admission Application Fees:

  • For admissions, all the payments are non-refundable.
  • The admission application fees for the following programs are;
All Undergraduate Programs $122.52
Medicine And Dentistry $171.52
Graduate Medicine $120.99
Graduate Studies $125.71
Special Intensive Language Programs (CCE) $92.30
Integrated Oms Certificate & MDCM $286.07

5# University of Waterloo Application Fees: CAD $125

The University of Waterloo has gained immense popularity in Canada because of its engineering and economics courses.

Acceptance Rate of University of Waterloo is: 53%. That makes this university moderately selective.

Admission Application Fees: The admission application charges for Waterloo University is CAD 125 per program, non-refundable.

6# York University Toronto Application Fees: up-to CAD $130:

It is a public-funded, third-largest university in Toronto.

Acceptance Rate of York University of Canada is 89.0%. Getting enrolled here is quite easy.

Admission Application Fees:

For admission, candidates can pay the non-refundable fees of CAD $130 via Visa, Credit, or Master card.

7# Université de Montréal Application Fees: up-to CAD $110

It is one of the research hubs of Canada, with over 6,000 students. Acceptance Rate of University of Montreal is 57%.

Admission Application Fees Details:

Undergraduate & Graduate Programs CAD $110
Module or a Micro-program CAD $25
Visiting Research Scholar CAD $12
Independent Studies CAD $25
Modify A Choice of Program CAD $36

8# McMaster University Application Fees: up-to CAD $150

It is the home of 30,000 local and international students.

Acceptance Rate of McMaster University is 58%. McMaster University has a decent acceptance rate for its international students.

Admission Application Fees:

  • $110 CAD/ $150 CAD.
  • Overseas candidates can opt for fee exemption only if they comply with a few requirements.

9# Western University Application Fees: up-to CAD $125

Around 40,000 students from 121 regions are studying here.

Acceptance Rate of Western Canadian University is: 31%. It shows that the admission process is extremely selective here.

Admission Application Fees:

  • The application charges are $125.00 for Western Master of Financial Economics.
  • There is no application fee waiver.

10# University of Calgary Application Fees: up-to CAD $145

Such top 10 ranking university has 250 diverse programs to offer.

Acceptance Rate of Calgary University: 10% to 20%. It requires a lot of effort and extra hard work to get admission here.

Admission Application Fees:

  • $125.00 application fee for locals.
  • $145.00 for applicants for international students

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