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Canadian Universities With Low Tuition Fees in 2022 | Affordable Canadian Universities List

List of Most Affordable Canadian Universities

Higher education is expensive; we all know it.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s undergraduate level or Master’s level; higher education is expensive worldwide. But Canadian universities are comparably much cheaper than American universities. For example, an average yearly expense for an undergraduate student in the US is $37,430 for American university students and $22,500 for Canadian university students (Recent Stats).

Even though Canadian universities are already much more affordable than other countries’ universities, some Canadian universities and The Canadian government are considerate enough to offer multiple scholarship programs for international students.

List of Canadian Universities With Less Tuition Fees

Below is a list of good universities that have comparatively lesser and more affordable tuition fees for students.

  1. Saint Mary’s University Annual fees:

The annual fee varies from $24,000 to $30,330, depending on the department.

Saint Mary’s is a catholic university in Nova Scotia. It offers several majors in many undergraduate and graduate programs. Acceptance rate of Saint Mary University is 60-70%.

  1. Vancouver Island University Annual fees:

Starting from CAD 15,200 (Bachelor’s degree cost).

Vancouver Island University VIU is a distinguished public research university famous for its excellent teaching staff and outstanding teaching methods. Acceptance rate of Vancouver Island University is 60-70%.

  1. The University of Guelph Semester fees: $9,730

The University of Guelph UG is Canada’s best university, ranking number 1 (the year 2022). It is a highly distinguished university, world-famous for its expertise in culinary arts. Acceptance rate of Guelph University is 66%.

  1. Cape Breton University Annual fee:

Bachelors starting at $8,529.00, Masters starting at $8446

Cape Brenton University, CBU is situated in Nova Scotia. It offers degrees in diverse fields and is known for faculty-student relationships. Acceptance rate of Cape Breton University is 50-60%.

  1. McGill University Annual Fees:

For a bachelor’s degree, the annual tuition fees fall between $16,815 to $45,263. For a master’s degree, the annual tuition fee is $16,816. 

McGill university MGU is a public research university in Montreal. MGU has a diverse student body, with students from 159 countries. It is ranked at 51st position internationally. Acceptance rate of McGill is 43.3%.

  1. University of Calgary Annual Tuition fees:

CAD $3,693 for masters per year Canadian Students, $8081 international students, MBA local student $127610 – international MBA students $29088. University of Calgary (UoG) is a competitive university with a reputation for comprehensive academic and research excellence. It accommodates up to 18,000 students. Acceptance rate of UoC is 10-20%.

  1. Brandon University Annual fee:

For undergraduates Natives: US $2,500-5,000 – International students: US $5,000-7,500. For Postgraduates: Natives: US $2,500-5,000, International students: US $2,500-5,000. Brandon University is a small institute in Manitoba with 2,000-4,000 students. The university offers Pre-bach, undergraduate, graduate, Master’s, and doctoral degrees. Acceptance rate of Brandon University is 47.5%.

  1. Athabasca University Annual fees:

Annual fee for Undergraduate: Natives: US $7,480 to 9,670, International: US $12,820 to 19,300.
Graduate Students: Natives: US $19,250, International: US $21,640.

With more than 40,000 students, AU offers more than 800 courses to undergraduate and graduate-level students.

  1. Royals Road University Annual fees:

Native students: Undergraduate: US $8,740 to $9,945, Graduate: US $12,890 to $14,050
International students: Undergraduate: US $21,206, Graduate: US $16,250 to $17,400

Royals Road University is a public research university in Victoria. It is an accredited university with a 4.3 rank at Student review, indicating a good experience for most students. Acceptance rate of Royals Road University is 70%.

  1. Thompson River University Annual fees:

Bachelor degree starts at Native students:  CAD $5,780, International students: CAD $18365 approximately.

With a student strength of 25,000 students in a total of 140 on-campus programs. It is located in British Columbia. Acceptance rate of Thompson River University is 82%.

  1. Laurentian University Annual fees:

Native students starting fee: CAD $8,600, International students starting fee: CAD $27,500.

Laurentian University has a wide variety of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral-level programs. It is located in Sudbury. Acceptance rate of Laurentian University is 70-80%.

  1. Mount Allison University Annual fees:

The undergraduate program only: Native student fee: CAD 8,000, International student fee: CAD 17,250.

Mount Allison is a small liberal art undergraduate university with 2,500 students. Acceptance rate of Mount Allison University is 70%.

  1. Nipissing University Annual fees:

Starting at CAD 3,800, undergrad fees $22,000, postgrad fees $26000.

A small university of approximately 6,000 students, Nipissing University, is located in North Bay Ontario. The university is best known for its excellent teaching quality. Acceptance rate of Nipissing University is 60-70%.

  1. Trent University Annual fees:

Undergraduate level: Native students: CAD 8,500 approx, International students: CAD 22,000 approx.

Trent University is located in Peterborough and has a strength of 9,000. The university holds a worldwide reputation for excelling in all undergraduate programs. Acceptance rate of Trent University is 33%.

  1. University of Prince Edward Island Annual fees:

Native students: CAD 5,900, International students: CAD 7,000

The University of PEI is a public research university in Charlottetown and has approximately 4,500 students.  Acceptance rate of University of Prince Edward Island is between 60-70%.

  1. Concordia University Annual fees:

Undergraduate fees: Native students: CAD 2,400, International students: CAD 7,300.

Concordia University is one of Canada’s top universities, with more than 46,000 enrolled in the university studying at undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Acceptance rate of Concordia University is 76%.

  1. Ryerson University Annual fees:

Domestic students: CAD 7,600, International students: CAD 25,000.

Known as the best university for international students, Ryerson University has 36,000 students with more than 4,200 international students. Acceptance rate of Ryerson University is 80%.

  1. University of New Brunswick Annual fees:

Undergraduate fee: Native students: CAD 6,200, International students: CAD 14,000

The University of New Brunswick is North America’s oldest public research university. Acceptance rate of University of New Brunswick is 66%.

  1. Dalhousie University Annual fees:

Undergraduate level: Native students: CAD $9,000, International students:  CAD $19,000.

A very distinguished university in Halifax, Dalhousie University is an outstanding higher education university offering over 200 programs. Acceptance rate or Dalhousie University is between 60-70%.

  1. University of Winnipeg Annual fees:

Undergraduate programs fee: CAD $5,100 to $5,800, Masters fees start from CAD $19,110.

The University of Manitoba offers over 70 programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. The university has almost 10,000 students. Acceptance rate of University of winnipeg is 85%.

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