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University of Manchester Scholarships Announced for 2023

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Opening date August 18, 2022
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The fully-funded British Scholarships are announced in the University of Manchester for the batch of 2023. So, if completing your higher education degree from the University of Manchester always been your dream then this opportunity is for you!

But might be possible that you couldn’t gather the courage to search further about admissions at the University of Manchester, after you saw the per semester fee of the university? We’ve all been there! And since that phase has passed, we know that there is always another option, waiting to be explored and availed. But what is that second option in this case? You don’t expect us to tell right away, do you?

And so, in this article we have composed all the necessary details that will encourage you to make up your mind and start preparing for your applications for the University of Manchester. Interested yet? Great, then stay tuned to book yourself the next flight ticket to Manchester!

University of Manchester Admission Acceptance Ratio

The University of Manchester was ranked as the largest single-site university and the 3rd largest university in the United Kingdom after admitting a little less than 40,500 students in the academic year 2019-20.

It has been observed that more students apply for a place in the University of Manchester than to any other university in the United Kingdom. The competition becomes so tough sometimes, that an average of 6.5 applicants compete for one single seat.

With this much competition, it is a common thought that the University of Manchester rejects more applications than it accepts. But here comes the surprising factor! The University of Manchester is actually a less selective academic institute which has a proportionally higher acceptance rate than its applicant rejection rate.

Here are the actual percentages that depict the acceptance and rejection rate at the University of Manchester respectively:

Acceptance rate at the University of Manchester:

The applicant acceptance rate at the University of Manchester is comparatively higher than its rate of applications refusal. The annual acceptance rate at the University of Manchester as of 2022 is 59%.

Rejection rate at the University of Manchester:

The annual applicant rejection rate at the University of Manchester is 41%.

This implies that 41 out of every 100 applications received by the admissions panel at the University of Manchester are turned down.

Information about Waiting List System at the University of Manchester:-

After the online application portal closes at the University of Manchester, the admitted students receive an offer to enroll to the university by submitting the required admission fee. At this stage, the admitted students have the option to either accept the offer or reject it.

In the meantime, the university opens a waiting list system to reach the maximum limit of each course program. If a student decides to drop out his desired course, (even though the chances are rare because who turns down the offer from the University of Manchester?) the university approaches the students in the waiting list to fill in the vacated seats.

When does the Waiting List open at the University of Manchester?

The university usually takes 20 days to respond to students after closing the online admission submission portal. The waiting list system is initiated shortly afterwards. So, it is advised for the students to keep check of the opening dates to get an early bird advantage of getting a front row seat in the waiting list.

Scholarships Offered at the University of Manchester in 2023

The University of Manchester is a member of the Russell Group and the global Universities Research Organization. The university has 25 Nobel laureates affiliated with its alumni, making the University of Manchester rank fourth in the United Kingdom.

With all these laurels affiliated with the university, it is no doubt that the fee structure of the University of Manchester also competes with that of other universities in the UK. The average per semester fee at the University of Manchester is over £24,000.

But for those bright students who have a bright future, but not the resources to afford the tuition fee for their degree program at the University of Manchester, the management has initiated a number of scholarship programs and other fee funding awards. In fact, the university offers scholarships worth £10,000 to £15,000 for the deserving international students.

A few of the fee funding programs launched by the University of Manchester to choose from are listed below as follows:

  • GREAT Scholarships for International Students
  • Global Futures Scholarships
  • Equity and Merit Scholarship Program
  • The Chevening Scholarships for International Students
  • Euraxess UK Scholarship Program
  • The Commonwealth Scholarships
  • The Royal Society Grants
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • Rhodes Global Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Program for International Students.

Prepare documents to Apply at the University of Manchester today!

Thrilled by the idea of joining the University of Manchester? Great! Because you know how you can fund your degree program at this world class British university. The only left to do now is to prepare your documents for the University of Manchester and give your luck a chance.

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