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The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the biggest funding organization of its sort in the world, assists more than 100,000 German and foreign students and researchers each year. So, are you seeking financial assistance to study, conduct research, or discover German in Germany? Your doors have opened to a renowned opportunity, so you can stop looking now!

Graduates, Ph.D. students, and postgraduates are the main target audience for DAAD scholarships, which are given for study and research trips to German colleges and non-university research organizations. You also have the chance to get internships with financial support in some programs.

Which German Scholarships Are Being Offered?

DAAD’s study scholarships fund up to 12 to 42 months of your finances, but the duration may vary according to each scholarship:

  • Master Studies for All Academic Disciplines
  • Postgraduate Studies for Artistic Disciplines and Architecture
  • University Summer Courses in Germany for Foreign Students and Graduates
  • University Winter Courses for Foreign Students and Graduates
  • Research Grants – One Year Grants for Doctoral Candidates
  • Research Grants for Doctoral Programs
  • Research Grants – Bi-nationally Supervised Doctoral Degrees
  • Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists
  • Study Visits for Academics – Artists and Architects
  • Bilateral Exchange of Academics

Who Is Eligible for DAAD German Scholarships?

While the eligibility may differ for each program and funding, here’s an overview to find yourself eligible for the DAAD scholarships:

  • You are required to have two years of work experience.
  • The language mandates are dependent on the program and course you apply for, however, there is a minimum requirement if IELTS band 6 or TOEFL score 550 if it is paper based. In case TOEFL is internet-based, you will need 80 to secure the scholarship and 213 if the test is computer-based.
  • There may be a German language requirement dependent on your program or course choice.
  • Your Bachelor’s degree must not be older than six years.

German DAAD Scholarship Offer Degree/ Subject Options:

There is no restriction on what you want to study. With vast choices available, some popular subjects’ students go for are:

  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Arts, Music, and Sports
  • Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Law
  • Economics
  • Social Sciences
  • Language and Cultural Studies
  • Veterinary Medicine
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Nutritional Science

DAAD Scholarship Application Submission Procedure

You can start by DAAD’s scholarship database available here. You will all the programs available here and you can begin shortlisting ones that interest you and begin applying. You can apply to up to three courses.

You will send your application directly to the respective college that catches your interest. If you send your application or documents to the DAAD, your application will be disqualified.  Your application must be in English or German.

Nearly all Ph.D. students from any country are eligible to apply for Research Grants – One-Year Grants for Doctoral Candidates from DAAD. Aspirants from emerging and threshold nations are given preference when applying for grants for a full Ph.D. program in Germany, according to the OECD-DAC list. German master’s degree scholarships are especially available for citizens of industrialized countries.

Applicants for doctorate degrees and students who fear losing their freedom to education or other benefits in their home country are eligible to apply for a scholarship through the Hilde Domin Program. Qualified applicants must be named by a body that is a German-domiciled establishment or organization to be considered for the scholarship fund. The DAAD will then get in touch with qualified applicants and invite them to submit applications online. Independent, volunteer shortlisting boards examine scholarship applications and make decisions regarding the distribution of scholarships. Subject-related characteristics are used to make the selections.

Additionally, the DAAD offers financing for graduate programs, doctoral programs, or postdoctoral fellowships in students’ or leading scientists’ or researchers’ home countries or regions through what are known as “Sur-place and Third Country Programs.”

You must read the call for applications for your preferred scholarship scheme in the scholarship database if you want to apply for a DAAD scholarship, keeping a close eye on the registration deadlines.

You can access the application portal by using the scholarship database. Also, a common question among students is if they will have to pay back for the scholarship – And the answer to that is no, you will not have to pay back for scholarships from the DAAD. They typically include a flat rate of travel expenses in addition to a monthly scholarship payment, which is currently €861 for graduates and €1,200 for doctoral/Ph.D. students.

In several situations, DAAD also offers your personal liability, health, and accident insurance. Other advantages may include a one-time research allowance, family benefits, or finances for language classes, relying on the grant program. The call for applications in the scholarship database includes a description of the advantages provided by the specific scholarship program.

The scholarship database provides a thorough outline of DAAD scholarship programs. A flyer outlining our most significant scholarship program is available for download.

Which Documents Are Needed for Your DAAD Application?

The documents you must attach with your application can vary as per each university’s requirement, so it is best to get in touch with the German embassy of international offices of higher education for that information.

However, as a universal rule, you will need the following documents:

  • DAAD Application Form (Found under application procedure of the website)
  • Hand-Signed CV
  • Hand-Signed Letter of Motivation
  • Professional Letter(s) of Recommendation from your Employer
  • Confirmation of Employment from your Employer
  • Proof of Language (TOEFL or IELTS) – German (if necessary as per your program)
  • Certified Copies of Academic Degrees
  • Certified Copies of Academic Transcriptions
  • Valid Passport Copy
  • Passport Size Photographs

You must remember to certified all of your copies, as it can affect your application validity. Also, you may need additional documents depending on the embassy and university requirements.

When’s the Deadline for DAAD Scholarships?

The deadlines for each of the DAAD scholarship vary and most German DAAD Scholarships for 2023-2024 will remain open throughout the year.

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