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Thousands of Jobs in European Countries are recruiting international applicants on daily basis. Consider applying now! Undoubtedly, Europe is a place where candidates, students, and employees come from different states of the world. Some want to complete their higher studies at their prestigious universities, while others want to work side by side with their globally recognized companies. In short, it is a place where everyone is welcome with open arms.

Other than these facts, the European countries also invite international talented and passionate people who can work with their multinational companies and be a part of the European government by working under the European Ministries. On the other hand, several highly paid employment posts are vacant, waiting for deserving candidates in various fields, like aviation, healthcare, education, etc. However, it is not easy to work in Europe due to various challenges and work visa requirements. Similarly, the language requirement, like IELTS scores, are also mandatory for some posts.

If you have that spark and can bring a notable change in the European industries and ministries, apply for the suitable vacancies and take a step towards a brighter and promising future.

Benefits of European Government Jobs:

Working with the European Government is not more than a dream. Moreover, there are various sectors in which international applicants can apply for jobs and enjoy handsome salaries and sponsorship packages throughout their services and even after retirement. Following are the perks that will be entitled to the European Government employees working in the different sectors:

  • Insurance and Premium Packages
  • Discounts on grocery and other items
  • Discounted Air tickets
  • Funds for Retirement
  • Transport and Accommodation Services
  • Vacation funds
  • Holidays, Sick, and Maternity Leaves

List of the European Jobs for International Applicants:

Interested overseas candidates can check the list of the most demanding yet highly paid jobs available in the top-paying countries of Europe with the salary range and work visa conditions.

  • Aviation Sector Jobs in Europe
  • Healthcare Sector Jobs in Europe
  • Banking Sector Jobs in Europe
  • Teaching Sector Jobs in Europe
  • Police Sector Jobs in Europe
  • Ministry Jobs in Europe
  • Information Technology Jobs in Europe
  • Engineering Sector Jobs in Europe

1# Aviation Sector Jobs in Europe:

Hundreds of golden employment opportunities are open for eligible and talented non-EU citizens in the aviation industry. If you want to serve here, start looking for a suitable option now.

Countries like Ireland, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, & Germany are paying high salaries to the employees working in the aviation industries at different designations with other benefits.

Interested international applicants can work in these countries at the following vacant posts; Commercial Airline Pilot, Air Craft Maintenance Engineer, Air Traffic Controller, Flight Engineer, etc.

However, the average salary ranges for the above positions vary in each country depending on the seniority level, qualification, skills, and experience.

In Germany, the average salary for the below-mentioned posts ranges from:

  • Commercial Airline Pilot: EUR 3,000 to EUR 10,400 / month
  • Air Traffic Controller: EUR 1,760 to EUR 6,080 / month
  • Flight Engineer: € 46.909 to € 81.721/ year
  • Air Craft Maintenance Engineer: € 26.750,00 to € 76.291,00/ year

In the Netherlands, the estimated average salary for the following designations is;

  • Commercial Airline Pilot: EUR 4,490 to EUR 12,600 / month
  • Air Traffic Controller: EUR 2,490 to EUR 8,620 / month
  • Flight Engineer: € 64k to € 80k / year
  • Air Craft Maintenance Engineer: EUR 2,710 to EUR 7,960/ month

Meanwhile, employees in the France Aviation industry will earn around;

  • Commercial Airline Pilot: EUR 38,600 to EUR 126,000 / year
  • Air Traffic Controller: EUR 24,500 to EUR 84,600 / month
  • Flight Engineer: €41,209 and €71,791/ year
  • Air Craft Maintenance Engineer: €24,000 to 73 295,00 €

In Ireland, the aviation sector offers the following salaries to the staff employed in these positions:

  • Commercial Airline Pilot: EUR 4,100 to EUR 103,000 / year
  • Air Traffic Controller: EUR 20,200 to EUR 69,800 / year
  • Flight Engineer: €48,279 and €84,107/ year
  • Air Craft Maintenance Engineer: €49K/year to €55K/year

For Switzerland, it is:

  • Commercial Airline Pilot: CHF 96,094 and CHF 172,070 / year
  • Air Traffic Controller: CHF 63,200 to CHF 218,000/ yr.
  • Flight Engineer: CHF 40K to CHF 95.0K/ year
  • Air Craft Maintenance Engineer: CHF 66’340.00 to CHF 87’550.00/ year

International applicants planning to work in the European Aviation industry can apply for the available opportunities by holding a valid work visa with flight training experience, medical fitness, and security clearance. On the other hand, good analytical and technical skills with written and oral English skills and IELTS scores are mandatory to apply for European aviation jobs.

If you have plans to apply for the aviation jobs in Europe, here are some useful employment portals for Civil Aviation Authority UK, German Airlines in Germany, Netherlands national airlines KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, etc.

2# Healthcare Sector Jobs in Europe:

Europe is famous for providing the best healthcare facilities free of cost to its citizens and residents. If you are willing to help & facilitate the patients with your services and expertise, here is your chance. Grab the utmost opportunity to be a part of Europe’s high-quality healthcare system.

Many European countries, like the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, the UK, and France, are best known for accepting international doctors, nurses, and surgeons from every corner of the world. Moreover, these countries are also popular for offering high-salaried jobs, including various luxuries, sponsorship packages, and insurance throughout their services.

Interested individuals can make their career in the following highly-income fields; Radiologist, Ophthalmologist, Physician, Neurosurgeon, Dentist, Pharmacist, etc.

Meanwhile, the salary package of each designation or medical field is not the same based on the academic qualifications, work experience, practical and language skills, chosen field, etc.

In the Netherlands, the following is the average salary in every field:

  • Radiologist: EUR 6,530 to EUR 19,700/month
  • Ophthalmologist: EUR 4,160 to EUR 14,400/ month
  • Physician: EUR 4,240 to EUR 18,900/ month
  • Neurosurgeon: EUR 7,320 to EUR 23,300/ month
  • Dentist: EUR 5,860 to EUR 17,200/ month
  • Pharmacist: EUR 3,260 to EUR 9,120/ month

Pay Package for overseas healthcare workers in Germany are;

  • Radiologist: EUR 4,500 to EUR 15,600/ month
  • Ophthalmologist: EUR 10000 to EUR 14000/ month
  • Physician: EUR 5,600 to EUR 7,000/ month
  • Neurosurgeon: EUR 5,110 to EUR 17,700/ month
  • Dentist: EUR 3,980 to EUR 13,800/ month
  • Pharmacist: EUR 2,110 to EUR 7,310/ month

However, Belgium is another reputable country paying high salaries to the professionals working in the below-listed fields;

  • Radiologist: EUR 8,160 to EUR 26,000/ month
  • Ophthalmologist: EUR 5,980 – EUR 19,000/ month
  • Physician: EUR 5,370 to EUR 23,100/ month
  • Neurosurgeon: EUR 10,600 to EUR 36,700/ month
  • Dentist: EUR 6,270 to EUR 21,700/ month
  • Pharmacist: EUR 3,880 to 12,300/ month

In the United Kingdom, healthcare personnel work on the following pay scale:

  • Radiologist: GBP 96,800 to GBP 308,000
  • Ophthalmologist: £142,521 to £285,478/ year
  • Physician: £50,373 to £78,759£78,759
  • Neurosurgeon: £40,257 to £84,559/ year
  • Dentist: £45,000 to £170,000/ year
  • Pharmacist: £26,500 to £85,000/ year

Salaries for French healthcare workers are;

  • Radiologist: €156,531 to €328,666/ year
  • Ophthalmologist: EUR 42,000 to 145,000/ year
  • Physician: EUR 42,800 to EUR 197,000/ year
  • Neurosurgeon: €168,793 to €442,868/ year
  • Dentist: EUR 60,800 to 179,000/ year
  • Pharmacist: €51,741 and €95,915/ year

Overseas applicants willing to serve as healthcare professionals in European countries need to abide by the requirements of each country. Moreover, academic grades, an acceptable medical degree with post-grad experience, plus registration and authorization with the medical council of each country are highly essential to practice medicine in the respective countries. On the other hand, a state diploma is also one of the requirements for international applicants.

Overseas healthcare workers who wish to apply for the healthcare jobs in the European countries, like UK, Belgium, and Netherlands can submit the applications at FPS Public Health, UK Health Ministry job portal, American Hospital of Paris, Rechts der Isar Hospital in Germany, & others.

3# Banking Sector Jobs in Europe:

The banking industry of Europe and its booming history is not hidden from anyone. Every other day, countries like Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and the UK are breaking their records in generating business and raising their capital for finance.

On the other hand, these top European countries are not only accepting domestic business professionals to serve their companies. Overseas talents are equally welcome here to make money and enjoy other perks.

If you are passionate about working for the European corporate world, here is your chance. Go and apply for the following high-paid designations or job positions available in the top banks of the above-listed countries. For instance, International Bank Managers, Bank Operations Heads, Credit Analysts, Risk Analyst/ Specialist, etc.

Check the pay scale details of each designation below for each country, offering life insurance, maternity & sick leaves, and retirement funds benefit.

For Denmark, the following is the pay package:

  • Bank Managers: DKK 35,100 to DKK 109,000/ month
  • Bank Operations Heads: DKK 46,200 to DKK 136,000/ month
  • Credit Analysts: DKK 17,100 to DKK 52,900/ month
  • Risk Analyst/ Specialist: DKK 23,000 to DKK 73,100/ month

For Sweden, employees can earn up to:

  • Bank Managers: SEK 49,500 to SEK 146,000/month
  • Bank Operations Heads: SEK 46,700 to SEK 149,00/ month
  • Credit Analysts: SEK 27,100 to SEK 88,500/ month
  • Risk Analyst/ Specialist: SEK 27,700 to SEK 81,600 / month

In the United Kingdom, the salary range for the below-listed designations are;

  • Bank Managers: GBP 68,300 to GBP 236,00/ month
  • Bank Operations Heads: GBP 72,900 to GBP 252,000/ month
  • Credit Analysts: £32,156 to £79,722/ year
  • Risk Analyst/ Specialist: £29,000 to £78,000/ year

However, for Norway, the salary scale lies in the following range:

  • Bank Managers: NOK Bank Managers to NOK 1,660,000/ year
  • Bank Operations Heads: NOK 594,000 to NOK 2,050,000/ year
  • Credit Analysts: NOK 348,000 to NOK 1,200,000/ year
  • Risk Analyst/ Specialist: NOK 322,000 to NOK 1,110,000/ year

For Switzerland, the employment salary range is:

  • Bank Managers: CHF 115,000 to CHF 367,000/ year
  • Bank Operations Heads: CHF 54,300 to CHF 173,000/ year
  • Credit Analysts: CHF 54,200 to CHF 172,000/ year
  • Risk Analyst/ Specialist: CHF 65,600 to CHF 227,000/ year

All the eligible candidates must apply for the above-stated positions in different reputable banks in European countries. For this purpose, a valid passport, a work permit, academic degrees, experience, and other skills are necessary. Meanwhile, having a certificate for a language test, like IELTS, will withstand your resume, among others, while getting a job in European banks.

If you are an eligible and suitable candidate, find and apply for the banking jobs at Norges Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, SwedBank, Spar Nord Bank, etc.

4# Teaching Sector Jobs in Europe:

Indeed, teaching is one of the noblest and most respectable professions in the world. But in Europe, it is also one of the highest paid professions offering valuable benefits to the domestic and international teaching staff. On the other hand, many European countries are looking for fresh yet talented teachers or professors who can benefit the next generation with their vast knowledge, skills, experiences, etc.

In Europe, countries like Luxembourg are leading the chart by providing the highest salaries to the teachers/ professors. Another reputable country following the footsteps of Luxembourg is Switzerland. It is famous for giving well-paid salaries to the professors. However, Italy and Spain also give handsome pay to their teachers.

The highly paid posts available in the teaching profession in Europe are Assistant and Full-time Professors, Language Teachers, Secondary school teachers, etc. If you are planning to apply for these posts, see the offered salary range in these countries.

For Luxembourg, the salary range is:

  • Assistant Professor: €50,610 to €87,202/ year
  • English Language Teacher: EUR 2,000 to EUR 5,870/ month
  • Full-time Professor: €65,653 and €116,250/ year
  • Secondary School Teacher: EUR 73,700 to EUR 128,200/ year

For Switzerland, the salary range in the teaching sector is:

  • Assistant Professor: CHF 113,833 to CHF 183,871/ year
  • English Language Teacher: CHF 51,100 to CHF 176,000/ year
  • Full-time Professor: CHF 120,533 to CHF 239,327/ year
  • Secondary School Teacher: CHF 49,900 to CHF 159,000/ year

In Spain, teachers or professors will get the following minimum to maximum salaries:

  • Assistant Professor: €18,881 to €71,804/ year
  • English Language Teacher: EUR 1,210 to EUR 3,560/ month
  • Full-time Professor: EUR 1,980 to EUR 6,670/ month
  • Secondary School Teacher: EUR 1,240 to EUR 3,450/ month

Lastly, in Italy, dignified teachers can earn yearly or monthly in the following range:

  • Assistant Professor: €31.214 to €53.783/ year
  • English Language Teacher: EUR 1,340 to EUR 4,630 / month
  • Full-time Professor: €25,687 to €71,779/ year
  • Secondary School Teacher: EUR 1,790 to EUR 5,260/ month

Another point to consider is that salaries range will vary based on employment status, employee education, work experience, training, and language skills.

However, applicants from non-EU countries must meet the eligibility criteria to apply for teaching jobs in these countries. For instance, a BS (obligatory) or MS (sometimes mandatory) degree, a certificate of TESOL/ TEFL, a valid passport, a work visa, teaching experience, and fluency in the English language will help foreign candidates to get teaching jobs in these European countries.

Look out for the outstanding teaching or education Job offers with worthy benefits at Bell Switzerland, IE Business School in Spain, Université du Luxembourg, etc.

5# Police Sector Jobs in Europe:

The doors of European countries are always open for international candidates to kick off their professional journey here. Hundreds of career opportunities are there, offering good salaries and lifetime benefits. Like the other options, applicants can also apply for police jobs in European countries. Europol is responsible for maintaining the law-and-order situation in the states. So, if you are smart, intelligent, and brave enough to take on the challenges, dozens of vacant posts are open for the right candidate.

No doubt, the police of Europe have made their name in the world due to strict and vigilant actions and laws. Interested individuals can apply for police jobs in England, Switzerland, France, & Germany as these countries are considered to pay handsome salaries to police officers.

However, the highly paid police posts in these countries are Chief of Police, Intelligence Officer, & Police Commissioner. Officers at these designations also get a life and health insurance, a retirement package, vacations, & professional support.

Check out the salary scale of these posts for each country to make up your mind:

For Switzerland, the police officers can make:

  • Chief of Police: CHF 92,300 to CHF 319,000/ month
  • Intelligence Officer: CHF 79,600 to CHF 254,000/ year
  • Police Commissioner: CHF 53,400 to CHF 125,498/ year

In Germany, employees can earn about:

  • Chief of Police: €100,862/ year
  • Intelligence Officer: EUR2,140 to EUR 7,380/ month
  • Police Commissioner: €73.632 to €180.895/ year

However, the England police have announced the below-listed salary for these posts.

  • Chief of Police: £120359/ year
  • Intelligence Officer: £27,052 to £39,992/ year
  • Police Commissioner: £151,261/ year

In France, salary for police officers at these posts are;

  • Chief of Police: EUR 13,900 to EUR 47,900/ year
  • Intelligence Officer: EUR 27,800 to EUR 90,800/ year
  • Police Commissioner: €101,479/ year

Candidates from other non-EU states can join the police force of these countries if they are citizens of these countries, plus a valid passport, security clearance, and driving license are the mandatory requirements. However, these conditions differ in each country. In England, international candidates must be living here for a minimum of five years before applying for police jobs. Meanwhile, the citizenship requirement is not mandatory as it differs in each country.

Professionals eager to serve as police officers in Europe can find the jobs at Swiss Federal Department of Police, Police Nationale Department, Metropolitan Police, and all.

6# Ministry Jobs in Europe:

The council of Europe consists of around twenty-seven ministries working in different countries for various tasks and operations. These countries are also inviting international candidates who can bring a positive and dominant change to their policies and system.

If you want to serve in the European ministry, apply for the vacant ministry posts in Netherlands, Bulgaria, Norway, and Switzerland. Additionally, countries like these also offer well-paid salaries and lifetime perks to the selected candidates.

Interested individuals can apply for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, & Ministry of Justice Jobs. However, the salary for these posts with respect to each country is mentioned below. Check the pay scale to make a wise decision.

For the Netherlands:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: €90825/ year
  • Ministry of Defense: EUR 5,320/ month
  • Ministry of Education: €47500/ year
  • Ministry of Justice: €68,143/ year

For Bulgaria:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: BGN 5,780/ month
  • Ministry of Defense: BGN 3,610/ month
  • Ministry of Education: BGN 3,500/ month
  • Ministry of Justice: BGN 8,153/ year

For Norway:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: NOK 1,410,073/ year
  • Ministry of Defense: NOK 669,000/year
  • Ministry of Education: KR 377 345/ year
  • Ministry of Justice: NOK 794,873/ year

For Switzerland:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: CHF 94,800 – CHF 302,000/ year
  • Ministry of Defense: CHF 135,000/ year
  • Ministry of Education: CHF 63,726/ year
  • Ministry of Justice: CHF 174,000/ year

Yes, foreign nationals can get a job in European ministries, but a proper work permit, language fluency, IELTS scores, and a residency permit from the EEA are mandatory for each applicant. However, candidates are requested to abide strictly by the criteria to avoid any inconvenience in the process.

Overseas applicants can find the amazing job opportunities at different ministries of Europe, including Ministry of Defense Netherlands, Bulgaria Ministry jobs, Swiss Justice Federal Department.

7# Information Technology Sector Jobs in Europe:

Information Technology is the most popular field these days. Similarly, in Europe, there is a high demand for international IT specialists who can take this field in a new direction. In Europe, Finland, the UK, Germany, & Denmark are paying high salaries to IT professionals based on their skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Applicants with a valid passport, work visa, and required qualifications can apply for the IT jobs in these countries and start their journey as professional IT specialists in Europe. Moreover, knowledge of JavaScript, trouble-shooting, and computers is also essential.

However, the highly paid IT jobs available in the above-listed countries are; Data Specialist, Web Developer, DevOps Engineer, Security Analyst, etc. Meanwhile, the average monthly or yearly salaries vary depending upon the company, skills, employee experience, etc.

IT workers in Finland can earn around:

  • Data Specialist: EUR 2,150 to EUR 6,490/ month
  • Web Developer: €33669/ year
  • DevOps Engineer: €69,897/ year
  • Security Analyst: EUR 2,780 to EUR 7,770/ month

In Denmark, the following is the pay range for these posts:

  • Data Specialist: DKK 18,200 to DKK 59,600/ month
  • Web Developer: DKK 16,500 to DKK 57,200/ month
  • DevOps Engineer: DKK 383,789 to DKK 680,126/ year
  • Security Analyst: DKK 24,600 to DKK 74,400/ month

Employees planning to make their IT career in Germany will earn:

  • Data Specialist: EUR 1,470 to EUR 5,080/ month
  • Web Developer: EUR 1,520 to EUR 5,250/ month
  • DevOps Engineer: €62,791/ year
  • Security Analyst: EUR 1,970 to EUR 6,810/ month

For the United Kingdom, the average salary range for IT personnel is:

  • Data Specialist: £41,662/ year
  • Web Developer: £36854/ year
  • DevOps Engineer: £60,000 / year
  • Security Analyst: £45,000/ year

Build your career in Information Technology sector by applying for the highly paid vacant positions at Amazon UK, Microsoft Finland, Eleks, or Cisco Company.

8# Engineering Sector Jobs in Europe:

Lastly, the most demanding yet highly paid field in Europe is Engineering. Several countries in Europe, like Italy, Switzerland, France, & Spain, are in dire need of skillful and talented engineers associated with famous and high-income generating fields like Mechanical, Chemical, Civil, & Electrical Engineering.

International applicants can try their luck and apply for the following highest-paid posts; Nuclear Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, & Chemical Engineer.

See below the details of the pay scale for each job position open in the engineering fields of each country.

For Italy, the salary scale varies from one post to another, like:

  • Nuclear Engineer: EUR 4,140 to EUR 14,200/ month
  • Petroleum Engineer: EUR 1,970 to EUR 5,790/ month
  • Mechanical Engineer: EUR 1,700 to EUR 5,870/ month
  • Chemical Engineer: EUR 1,800 to EUR 6,220/ month

In Switzerland, the engineers will earn:

  • Nuclear Engineer: CHF 154,000 to CHF 454,000/ year
  • Petroleum Engineer: CHF 63,600 to CHF 203,000/ year
  • Mechanical Engineer: CHF 56,200 to CHF 194,000/ year
  • Chemical Engineer: CHF 60,500 to CHF 209,000/ year

The engineers of Spain will earn the following annual or monthly salaries:

  • Nuclear Engineer: EUR 3,280 to EUR 9,410/ month
  • Petroleum Engineer: EUR 1,640 to EUR 4,580/ month
  • Mechanical Engineer: EUR 1,370 to EUR 4,020/ month
  • Chemical Engineer: EUR 1,270 to EUR 4,390/ month

Lastly, for France, the salary hierarchy is:

  • Nuclear Engineer: EUR 48,800 to EUR 164,000/ year
  • Petroleum Engineer: EUR 25,600 to EUR 77,400/ year
  • Mechanical Engineer: EUR 23,000 to EUR 67,600/ year
  • Chemical Engineer: EUR 21,700 to EUR 75,100/ year

As we said above, numerous employment opportunities are open for foreign engineers in different fields. All they need is to hold a passport, a valid work visa, an engineering degree from an accredited college, plus a specialization in a particular field that will increase the worth of the candidate. Additionally, work experience is also one of the conditions. However, work permit requirements as an engineer in European countries vary from one country to another.

Check the available engineering job vacancies in various countries of Europe at Paul Scherrer Institute, Solvay, Airbus, or Anotech Energy.

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