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2023 British Council UK Scholarships (BS, MS, & Ph.D Programs)

Opening date September 3, 2022
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You have the opportunity to apply for any of the British Council Scholarships in 2023 to grab a chance to study for free in the UK, Eligible overseas students from different countries can complete their higher education in the UK via fully-funded scholarship schemes offered by the British Council in partnership with the UK government and universities.

These British Council scholarships are extremely valuable in terms of high rewards, tuition grants, and other academic benefits making the educational journey of financially underprivileged students much easier. Additionally, applicants can apply for these scholarships with no IELTS scores as their requirement is waived off or scholarships are accepting IELTS alternative tests.

These British Council scholarships are open for undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate degree courses in versatile fields. Meanwhile, the application process for these scholarships is way smoother and less complicated. Interested ones can apply for these schemes online via the official application portal.

Sponsorship Packages of British Council Scholarships:

If you have plans to study in the UK under the below-listed scholarships funded by the British Council, brace yourselves to enjoy the unlimited benefits throughout the degree program.

Following are the bonuses that will be granted to the winners of the Council of British Scholarships:

  • Academic Tuition fee waivers (Full or Partial)
  • Scholarship grants of variable amount
  • Monthly living expenditures with funds for books, board, & room
  • Free Library & Sports club Access
  • Medical insurance.
  • Dissertation printing Cost
  • Accommodation at university dorms
  • Cost of traveling for Research programs
  • Free Meals / Food Cost Coverage

List of Available British Council Scholarships in UK 2023 Session:

Check below the funded scholarships available for the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral candidates willing to opt for further studies in the UK with no extra charges.

  • UK GREAT Scholarships for Postgraduate Students
  • British Council STEM Scholarships for MS / Early Fellowships
  • Young Cell Scholarship Scheme for Master’s Degree
  • Charles Wallace Trust Scholarship Scheme for Ph.D. & Fellowships
  • British Council IELTS Awards for BS, MS, & Doctorate
  • Scotland Saltire Scholarships for Master’s degree:
  • EURAXXES UK Scholarships for Postgrads & Post-Doctorates
  • S. Hornby Trust Scholarship for all degree holders
  • Sussex Scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.
  • Commonwealth Scholarships for MS & Doctoral programs
  • Global Wales Scholarships for Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Ph.D.
  • British Council China Scholarships for Undergrad & Postgrad Programs

1# UK GREAT Scholarships for Postgraduate Students:

Eligible and potential candidates from 18 countries are welcome to study in the UK for postgraduate degree courses under the GREAT scholarship program offered by the British Council, the Great Britain Campaign, and the UK higher education universities. Such a worthy scholarship aims to support financially challenged students who cannot afford to study in the UK due to minimal resources. The scholarship reward for the GREAT scholarship program is £10,000, which covers tuition fees and other expenses. Meanwhile, winners will get a chance to attend the welcome event in the first semester and a networking event in the second semester.

Interested individuals must have completed the undergraduate degree from their home countries, plus hold a residency or citizenship of the eligible states. Meanwhile, IELTS or alternative language tests are acceptable for the GREAT scholarship program.

2# British Council STEM Scholarships for MS / Early Fellowships:

The government of the UK and the British Council has taken a significant step to provide aid and support to female students who are relatively low in number in the field of IT, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing. For this reason, women with undergraduate degrees demonstrating financial need can opt for STEM scholarships for their MS degrees or Research fellowships at UK universities in the above-stated fields.

Women from Egypt, Malaysia, Turkey, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Sri Lanka, Laos, & Philippines can apply for the STEM MS scholarships and Early Fellowship program.

However, females from Egypt, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Turkey, and Ukraine can only apply for Master’s scholarships. Meanwhile, interested female candidates must have passion and enthusiasm to be a part of the UK research community and the alumni of the British Council scholarship.

Considering the sponsorship package, tuition fees, travel, visa, & health costs with monthly stipends will be covered under this scholarship.

3# Young Cell Scholarship Scheme for Master’s Degree:

The Young Cell Scholarship is the initiative of the Ministry of European Integration & the European Union office located in Kosovo with the partnership of the British Council. It is a golden opportunity for overseas students to complete one year of their MS degree at institutes located in the EU member states under the Young Cell scheme. Students from Law, Criminology, Politics, International Relations, Diplomacy, Humanities, HR, etc., can apply for this scholarship. Moreover, the benefits of the Young Cell Sponsorship program include application and tuition costs coverage, airfare, health premium, and IELTS preparation costs.

4# Charles Wallace Trust Scholarship Scheme for Ph.D. & Fellowships:

With the help of the Charles Wallace Trust, the very reputable and honorable British Council has announced the funded scholarship programs for the international candidates planning to pursue Doctoral studies and the Fellowship research programs in UK universities. Interested individuals of age 30 to 55 can apply for this scholarship if they have a residency or citizenship in their home countries. On the other hand, applicants must have a handwritten invitation from the UK institutions for the Charles Wallace Trust scholarship. Meanwhile, IELTS scores are not mandatory for this opportunity.

On the other hand, winners will be entitled to receive various academic and financial benefits, including airfare, allowances, visa fees, etc. The scholarship duration for the Doctorate is one year. However, for the fellowship program, it is around 3 months to 3 years.

5# British Council IELTS Awards for BS, MS, & Doctorate:

Financially challenged students from developing countries are eligible and can apply for the British Council IELTS scholarship scheme. That program is specially designed for talented overseas students wishing to complete their undergraduate, Master’s, or Ph.D. studies in the United Kingdom under the scholarship program. Additionally, the scholars will get the chance to cover their tuition fees via the funds provided by the British Council for the scholarship winners. However, the scholarship reward ranges from £3,000 up to £10,000.

As per the eligibility criteria, applicants must be 18 years or above with 6.5 IELTS bands, planning to enroll in the full/part-time program taught in English at UK universities. Meanwhile, the acceptance letter from the recognized institution is also essential for the British Council IELTS Awards.

6# Scotland Saltire Scholarships for Master’s degree:

Interested yet deserving students from EU and EEA countries doing MS degrees in Renewable Energy, Health, Medicine, & Technology have the ideal opportunity to finance their education via Scotland Saltire Scholarships. It is a program by the Scotland government, British Council, and Scottish Universities to provide an innovative and modern learning environment to international students. Every year around 50 scholarships worth £4,000 to £8,000 are awarded to eligible international candidates to complete their higher studies in England with full tuition fee coverage and other luxuries.

On the other hand, winners will also become an essential part and the representatives of the Scotland Saltire Scholarship program.

7# EURAXXES UK Scholarships for Postgrads & Post-Doctorates:

Another great initiative taken by the very respectable British Council is the EURAXXES Scholarship scheme. It is one of the best yet competitive programs open to experienced researchers, postgrad students, and post-doctoral candidates with no registration charges. The British Council has also announced funds for the local and overseas researchers coming to the UK to carry out research programs on different and innovative subjects.

8# A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship for all degree holders:

The A.S. Hornby Trust Scholarship is the joint program of the British Council & the A.S. Hornby Trust to help refugees and asylum seekers in the UK to learn English. Interested applicants or professional teachers with three years of experience in teaching English holding any university degree can apply for this scholarship. On the other hand, winners of this scholarship doing an MS degree from the Warwick university will receive accommodation, tuition fee waivers, visa fees, return air tickets, and language test costs.

9# Sussex Scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Ph.D.:

The University of Sussex in the UK, with the British Council, has announced approximately 500 partially funded scholarship schemes for talented undergrad, grad, and postgrad students. Dozens of scholarships are here for overseas students to which one can apply after submitting IELTS, TOEFL, & DET scores. Meanwhile, scholarship winners will get tuition grants of up to GBP 3,000 to GBP 5,000 for BS & MS degrees respectively. However, available scholarship programs are Chancellor Scholarships, Sussex Bangladesh, and Sussex Undergrad Scholarship programs.

10# Commonwealth Scholarships for MS & Doctoral programs:

The Council of British and the FCO have committed with the commonwealth countries to grant them funds and support for the higher education of international students from these commonwealth states. Students who could not meet the expenses of their MS or Ph.D. programs can try their luck and apply for the Commonwealth scholarship offering multiple applauding benefits, like fee waivers, study material costs, health coverage, etc.

Those who want to apply for the commonwealth programs must meet the eligibility criteria, like applicants must hold a BS or honors degree to apply for a Commonwealth MS scholarship. Similarly, for the Commonwealth Ph.D. scholarship, the candidates must have an MS degree with a permanent residency or citizenship of the listed commonwealth states.

Interested ones can also apply for the following scholarships; Commonwealth Split-site Scholarships, Commonwealth Medical & Professional, Commonwealth Shared & Distance Learning Scholarships, etc. Meanwhile, there are no particular requirements for the IELTS scores for Commonwealth Scholarships.

11# Global Wales Scholarships for Master’s, Bachelor’s, and Ph.D.:

International students from various parts of the world can avail themselves of the amazing chance to study in Wales via Global Wales scholarships open for the BS, MS, & Doctoral programs. Students from North America, Vietnam, India, and EU states are eligible for this program and get their degree programs partially or fully sponsored via bursaries and financial aid.

Available Global Scholarships include Gilman-Global Wales & Fulbright Awards, GW Postgraduate Scholarship, GW British Council India Scholarships, etc.

12# British Council China Scholarships for Undergrad & Postgrad Programs:

Students holding British or Irish passports can study at any accredited institution in the Republic of China under any degree program via British Council China Scholarships. It is a program by the Council of British, located in China, to support UK students who want to study higher education there. Meanwhile, eligible applicants must be 18 years old UK citizens enrolled at the UK institute while applying for the scholarships.

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