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Canadian Work VISA 2023 Quota – Application Process Explained

Application Process for Canada Work VISA in 2023 (Explained)

Application Process for each of the type of Canadian Work VISA may differ a bit but is simple and online. In this article, you would find out how to apply for a Canadian Work VISA, which Work VISA suite your needs, its application fees, an documents required for filing an application of Work VISA for Canada.

If you are not a citizen of Canada/USA; and are interested to start working in Canadian territory then you would need a valid Canadian Work VISA in order to start a job there. There are various types of Canadian Work VISA available and therefore it is essential to find out which of those Canadian Work Permit suit your needs.

The application process is different for each of the several types of work permits or Canada that may be required of you. The first thing you need to do is choose the type of Canadian work permit that suits your needs the most.

Documentation Necessary for Canadian Work Permit Application

The needed documentation for a Canadian work visa varies on the type of work visa you are seeking. Candidates may be required to submit the following papers as an element of their request for a Working VISA:

  • Submission of a fully-filled Application for Canada Work VISA
  • Status documentation in Canada (if required)
  • Status documentation of a relative (if required)
  • Assessment of Labour Market Impact (if required)
  • Employment proposal in writing (if required)
  • Resume / CV
  • Document of Marriage (if required)
  • Acceptance Certificate of Quebec (CAQ) (if required)
  • Provide evidence that you meet the job’s criteria.
  • Photocopy of your valid passport
  • Copies of academic credentials
  • Final results from a medical examination (if requested)
  • Proof of sufficient funds to remain in Canada and return to the home nation
  • Documentation of the payment of appropriate government fees
  • Latest photographs of passport size

Application Procedure for Canada Work VISA in 2023

The process of applying for a work visa to work in Canada may now be completed online. The following is an outline of the application procedure in its entirety:

  • Collect the Necessary Forms and Documents:

Prior to submitting the completed application, applicants are obligated to make certain that they have collected all of the necessary papers. This will guarantee that the information or document copies are delivered meticulously together with the application form.

  • Complete the Application Form by Responding to Each and Every Question:

On the application form, there are questions that address the following aspects of the potential applicants:

  • Information about yourself
  • Language competency evidence
  • Passport info
  • Particulars of the job in Canada
  • Academic information
  • Describe previous employment experience, if applicable.

Application Fee for Canadian Work VISA in 2023: CAD$155

When you submit your request for a work visa, you must deposit the application costs. The cost of application to apply for Canadian work permit is CAD $155. Each time you file an extension request, you will be required to pay this cost again. The application price for an Open Work Permit is CAD $100.

How long it would take to obtain a Canadian Work VISA in 2023?

The approval period for a work permit request varies on the kind of work permit and the nation of residency of the candidate at the time they apply. There are a variety of processing times ranging between a few weeks to many months.

How can I find out whether my application for a Canadian work VISA has been approved?

If you have filed an application form for a Canadian Work VISA, you might check the status of VISA application progress using your account online. You can monitor the progress of a paper application by attaching it to your IRCC account online.

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