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Content Writing Jobs 2022 – Earn as a Content Writer

The 25 Highly Recommended Content Writing Jobs

If you are on a look for highly paid content writing jobs in 2022 then this article will provide with tons of open positions for content writers. Content writing is a growing and booming industry. On an everyday basis, millions of content writers use their writing skills to facilitate several companies and clients.

In today’s technological era, one can easily work as a content writer by effectively utilizing the search space i.e. the internet. There are several content writing jobs available at a large number of freelance websites where people can provide their services and in return can earn a lot.

How much can you earn by working as a content writer?

While content writing can be done by just using a laptop and the internet, one can earn well. Looking into Pakistan’s market, the average monthly salary for a Content Writer in Pakistan is Rs 363,029. But in the US, the earning rate is good as the average monthly salary for a Content Writer is $50,066. Based on the entire research, one can easily say that content writing is a well-paying career option.

Does a content writer have to work on-site or remotely?

Keeping in mind the excellent pay rate if one works as a content writer. On the other hand, another plus point is the opportunity of working in a remote setup. If content writers utilize the internet facility to begin earning money from content writing positions then they get the facility to work in their comfort zone without having to visit any official site. Thus, working in a remote setup saves traveling expenses as well which is a huge benefit.

Criteria to Qualify as a Content Writer

While the benefits of working as a content writer are numerous, there are certain qualification requirements that the candidate must fulfill to work with diverse and competent clients and companies. The applicants must be proficient in using laptops and computer software. Along with that, the freelancer must have proficiency in English.

Where to find Content Writing Jobs Online?

Below are mentioned a few highly-recommended content writing websites along with pay-rate where interested writers can apply and earn by working for diverse clients and companies.

1# Freelancer Content Writing Jobs is the biggest name in online job marketplace where employers meet skilled employees on freelance work terms. For every content writing project posted by employer, takes commission and help the company to find best content writers. If you are interested to work as a content writer on then you need to start creating your profile there, fill it with previously completed work as your portfolio, and then start applying for content writing jobs to start earning money.

2# Media Shower Writing Jobs

Boston, Massachusetts is home to the content writing platform known as Media Shower. Media Shower works with trustworthy authors who can weave a good tale and write about a variety of subjects an niche. Media Shower also facilitate top web magazines to source their content from world-class writers and you can try your luck to be a part of their content writing workforce. Additionally, it provides prospects for growth, flexible work schedules, and continual training. This platform is rated 10/10 by freelancers.

3# Upwork Content Writing Projects

A freelance website called Up work is headquartered in Santa Clara and San Francisco, California. Through the company’s platform, it enables its clients to screen, choose, and collaborate with freelancers and freelancing agencies. The customer describes the work they want to get done and the price range they are willing to pay.

A contract with fixed working hours, a set pay rate, and a completion date are given to the freelancer after being selected by the customer. The website provides approximately 35 different writing services, such as academic writing, blog writing, technical and scientific writing, copy-writing, editing, and more. Up-work is rated 10/10 in terms of all the features of the platform.

4# Write Access

One of the top platforms for content writing is Write Access. Blogging, articles, translations, websites, emails, photos, and graphics are among the various freelancing tasks that the platform offers. Its goal is to draw in the best freelancers, thus it provides the greatest rates. This content writing platform is completely transparent and distributes 70% to freelancers and 30% to the Writer Access platform. Material Analytics, which gauges how well content works on the web, keeps track of performance. Write Access is rated 10/10.

5# Fiverr Content Writing Jobs

Fiverr is a world famous gig-based online earning platform for freelancers where they can list down their content writing services and the buyers can make orders on their gigs. Fiverr provides high-quality services and uses project-based pricing. The cash to the freelancer is not released until the client has approved the work.

You can create an account on fiverr for free and then list down your content writing gig service with competitive rate and offer to stand out of other freelancers. You may consider to provide services on articles, blog posts, proofreading, editing, translation, website content, product descriptions, book, and eBook writing, resume writing, email copy-writing, script-writing, and other types of material on competitive rates to start earning money on fiverr. As per the cost of the project, Fiverr pays the freelancers. Fiverr on our list of content writing job platforms is rated 9/10.

6# PeoplePerHour PPH Content Writing Jobs is one of the highly paid content writing jobs provider. PPH attract most buyers from Europe and British origin which pay quite well to the registered content writing freelancers on PPH. If you want to start earning money for content writing services on then first of all create a free account on peopleperhour. Your second task would be to write a professional profile intro and make sure to upload a nice portfolio through which you can attract employers towards hiring you.

Then finally, list down your content writing services and skills with good rates and wait for orders. PPH also allows you to directly apply on content writing projects posted by employers. So, you can earn both ways on PPH; either by listing your content writing service, or either by applying on jobs directly.

7# Constant Content Writing Jobs

Constant Content is a Canadian content writing platform with a noteworthy staff of 100,000 authors from all over the world who write on any subject with specialization in any field or specialty. Mostly, the price per word rate is decided by the author and on an average that price ranges from 0.1 to 1 dollar per word. Payments are made via PayPal to the writer’s specified account after registration. Engineering, healthcare, financial, legal, real estate, dental, veterinary, and marketing-related content writing tasks are available on this platform. The platform is rated 8/10.

8# Write Right Content Writing Jobs

Write Right is a content writing company that guarantees original storytelling that is free of plagiarism and is of the highest caliber. Through its individualized, unique content writing freelance webportal, it has established itself as a trustworthy advisor to the client. The various forms of content writing responsibilities include resume writing, technical writing, academic writing, book writing, blogs, emails, social media writing, SOP, website content, brand writing, creative writing, translation, and video scripting. The platform is rated 9.8/10.

9# Estorytellers Content Writing Jobs

Estorytellers is a web based content writing production house that connects content buyers with content sellers. Mostly scriptwriters, story writers, ghost writers, film script writers and season story writers are available on this platform who gets connected with media house companies that require this sort of content.

E-storytellers produce interesting and appealing content. It has a sizable client and writer base and achieving the customer’s deadline is its main priority. Estorytellers hire content writers after complete due diligence and this is why getting selected to work on their platform is not a cup of tea for everyone. They believe in top quality work and this is why buyers of content love this platform to hire writers. On our list the Estorytellers platform is rated 9.8/10.

10# Zerys Content Writing Work

Zerys work as a bridge between highly professional writers and companies looking for buying content on daily basis. Through Zerys companies buy content and then they pay off their team of writers. The buyer of content provides an estimate on their budget for producing content and then Zerys assign their tasks to their writers who might be willing to work as per the budget of the client. On the job board, deadlines for assignments are determined based on the word count. Authors get paid through their PayPal accounts. This platform is rated 8/10.

11# Content Writing Freelancer Work

Founded in 1998 and situated in Pittsburgh, USA, is a marketplace or platform for independent content writers. It serves as a facilitator and a connection between writers and clients. enables businesses to locate independent contractors for paid employment. guarantees that buyers will pay writers through PayPal and other controlled methods. has 800,000 customers and writers worldwide. Guru is rated 9/10.

12# Godot Content Writing jobs

Godot provide content writing projects to content writers on behalf of content buying companies. They mediate between content writers and content buying companies and earn their commission. Godot is a name of freelance content writing platform where you can join them, showcase your portfolio of work and then start applying for content writing positions from there.

13# Italics Content Writing Jobs

Since 2005, Italics has offered high-quality work to many independent freelancers. The business adheres to the complexities involved in producing marketing material that aids clients in creating effective connections with their target market. It aspires to be India’s top article writing service.

They use both B2B and B2C business models. Editing, SEO writing, copywriting, newsletters and promotional writing, blog writing, business writing, professional writing, articles, website content, technical writing, profile writing, and other types of content writing tasks are among the assignments that fall under this category. Italics platform is rated 10/10.

14# Textbroker Content Writing jobs

Globally, Textbroker has a sizable client and writer base. Their revenue is determined by their operating expenses. For the writers, it offers both Self-service and managed Service alternatives. Depending on the Textbroker’s performance star system, it pays as little as two cents per word and as much as five cents per word. Earnings per word for open orders are determined by stars. The platform is rated 8/10.

15# Problogger Content Writing jobs

Problogger is a famous content writing web job board where you can start looking for highly paid content writing positions. For bloggers looking to start and develop their blogs, ProBlogger has been their home. The author then turns pro and begins earning money from blogging. To increase their followings, blog traffic, and income, the writers never stop writing. The website accepts writing tasks of any kind from any field. Problogeer is rated 7.6/10.

16# Write Right’s Content Writing Jobs

Write Right’s subsidiary is Estorytellers. It advertises services for writing customized content. According to its ideology, the objective is to build brand awareness and loyalty regardless of the business or industry, and the content may be diverse in terms of theme and style. E-storytellers produce interesting and appealing content.

It has a sizable client and writer base and achieving the customer’s deadline is its main priority. The company employs a group of talented and energetic content writers that consistently deliver top-notch work on content for a broad range of topics. They satisfy the requirements of several industries and businesses. The platform is rated 9.8/10.

17# Text Master Content Writing Jobs

Since long time, TextMaster has been a part of the Acolad Group and is the first fully online global translation service in the world.Text Master is providing content to thousands of companies globally with their SAAS network. Three major categories—translation services, content writing services, and proofreading services—describe their services and available tasks. The Text Msster platform is rated 8.4/10.

18# ContentWhale Content Writing Jobs

Mumbai, India is home to the “Content Whale”. It offers its writers the choice of working remotely or locally. They strive to provide high-quality writing done by talented authors. In addition, they emphasize professionalism, punctuality, and a positive work atmosphere. There are nearly 42 different kinds of content writing assignments accessible, including writing for websites, blogs, technical writing, academic writing, copywriting, editing, and proofreading. The ContentWhale platform is rated 9/10.

19# Orangus Content Writing Jobs

Orangus content production house is famous for producing content which is SEO optimized. You can start working on Orangus by submitting your candidature to them and they will get back to you in hour of need. The Orangus platform is rated 7/10.

20# Just words Content Writing Jobs

Just Words is a nice content writing platform where thousands of article writing jobs are available for everyone on the go. Just words have a skilled content writing workforce and they keep on expanding them from time to time as the demand for content production is high. It has eleven years of experience and tested procedures. A talented staff helps it to develop audacious, pertinent, and customized campaigns that result in genuine growth. The Just Words platform is rated 7/10.

21# Taletel Content Writing Jobs

Write Right has a subsidiary in Ahmedabad named “Teletel”. Along with all other forms of content writing, it gives huge weightage to creative writing. The kind of content assignments that are available on this platform include resume writing, technical writing, academic writing, book writing, blogs, emails, social media writing, SOP, website content, brand writing, translation, and creative content writing. The platform is rated 8/10.

22# Content Writing Jobs at Crowd Content

Crowd Content has a complex system of communication between the client and the writer, quality reviews of the content, and a payment process that includes the client’s rejection of the content. Prices range from 3 cents to 13.5 cents per word, depending on the kind of content that is required and the level of quality the client desires. Bank accounts or PayPal can be used to make payments. The platform is rated 8/10.

23# TechMagnate Content Writing Jobs

Techmagante is highly famous for content production for the purpose of product marketing and review. It helps the client set up and carry out the full digital strategy, including website design and redesign, SEO services, and all associated technology and content. The pay rate is decided by the client and the freelancer based on the magnitude of the project. The TechMagnate platform is rated 8/10.

24# Wezen Content Writing Jobs

Wezen is a German company. It offers to be the central location for assembling all semantic resources, with content written to reflect regional preferences as per client’s needs. It is intended to serve as the hub for linguistic production, where businesses can outsource their copy-writing and translation needs. The platform is rated 7.4/10.

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